Walter Matthew Albritton, Jr.
Biographical Resume

Walter Albritton is a servant of Jesus Christ. He has preached the gospel since the Methodists licensed him to preach in 1951. After mandatory retirement at age 70, Walter served 15 years as an associate pastor of Saint James United Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Now Pastor Emeritus at Saint James and semi-retired from the church, he is also serving as one of the pastors of New Walk of Life Church in Montgomery.

Walter grew up on a farm in Elmore County, completing high school at Wetumpka. After earning a degree from Auburn University, he studied theology at Vanderbilt University and completed his seminary training at Emory University in Atlanta.

Walter met his wife, Dean Brown, in the first grade and they have been married 68 years. They have five sons: David (deceased), Matt, Mark, Tim and Steve. They have 12 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren. Walter and Dean live at The Cabin eight miles from Wetumpka near the Tallapoosa River where as a boy he learned to swim.

Walter has written several books, the latest two being Living in Christ – the Only Way to Live and Life’s Greatest Adventure – Serving Jesus Christ, available from His most popular book has been When You Lose Someone You Love, also available from Amazon.