Serving Others
Excerpted from an article by Rev. Walter Albritton. Published on the Web Site of Ino Baptist Church.

From a Sunday School lesson on January 16, 2005 by Walter Albritton, St. James United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL

His Name is Emmanuel
A Sermon preached November 28, 2004 by Walter Albritton, St. James United Methodist Church, Montgomery, AL

Friendships Restored
Sunday School Lesson for November 21, 2004 by Dean Albritton

The Gate of Hope
Sunday School Lesson for October 24, 2004 by Dean Albritton

Balcony People Cheer Us On
Memorial Service for the Golden Eagles Reunion Class of 1954 given September 25, 2004

Eulogy for Bob Goodson
Memorial Service, First United Methodist, Opelika, Alabama, September 20, 2004

God Sees the Magnificent Potential of Your Life
A Sermon given by Walter Albritton, January 14, 2001

The Beauty of Trees: The View of A Christian Forester
A Presentation given by Tim Albritton for the Opelika Garden Club, January 7, 2000

The Gospel Is Good News
A Sermon given by Matthew Albritton at Trinity United Methodist Church, January 2, 2000

Coping with Grief During the Holidays
A Talk given to the Opelika Hospice Group, November 10, 1999

Grandmother Brown
A Poem by Tim Albritton

The Lasting Impact of a Boy's Hunting Trip With His Father
by Tim Albritton

A Friendly Reminder of How Setting Worthy Goals Makes a Great Difference in Our Lives
A speech by Walter Albritton to the Lee County Association of Realtors, January 26, 2001

He Breaks the Chains!
A sermon by Walter Albritton preached at Trinity United Methodist Church, January 28, 2001

Observations of One Who Has Walked Through the Fire
A sermon by Tim Albritton, March 13, 2002

The Pine Tree and the Easter Message
An Easter sermon by Tim Albritton, April 20, 2003

A poem by Tim Albritton

Do the Best You Can and Leave the Rest to God
A message given to the staff of Dr. David Morrison, Cancer Care Center of Montgomery
By Walter Albritton, March 16, 2006