The Special One

I kissed him, and he kissed me.
We clapped our hands with glee.
Our love is for all to see,
This special one and me.

His eyes light up whenever I appear,
And I know I'm someone special too:
Someone to him who is dear,
Someone to him who is true.

He follows me everywhere I go;
My side he would never leave.
He only smiles when I say no,
This special one named Steve.

He is so very small,
For he has just turned one.
To this special one I give my all,
For that's how a mother loves her son.

He has never called my name,
But we have a language all our own.
With one smile you're never the same;
His laughter could melt a heart of stone.

Copyright 2000 Dean Albritton    
by Dean Albritton